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CrossVegas, InterBike, and USA Criterium Finals

No doubt that Las Vegas is a happenin' place, and Life Balance Sports attended all three events. Coach Gina caught up with Kansas City cyclocrossers Shadd Smith, Bill Marshall, and Curt Shelman at CrossVegas and at practice the night before while assisting John Howard with his practice and pre-race.
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John Howard (left) warms up
on the CrossVegas course.
               Photo by Gina Poertner

Life Balance Sports teamed up with John Howard Performance Sports and Dr. Ernie Ferrel for some good meetings during InterBike. We had a chance to check out a lot of new products, meet some new people, and catch up with old friends.  John was a Guest  Expert at the BikeFit booth on Wednesday afternoon, so he invited Dr. Ferrel and I to accompany him as we talked to attendees about our PowerFiTTE technique.

The Louis Garneau  company gave me a helmet a while back. It was nice to have the opportunity to thank Mr. Garneau personally as I checked out gloves and other gear at his InterBike exhibit.
Photo by Ernie Ferrel  

The USA Criterium Finals were an enjoyable end to a busy week. Held at Mandalay Bay hotel parking lot, spectators were treated to some exciting races.
Fast & furious at the USA Criterium Finals
Photo by Gina Poertner

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