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Midwest CX and More Power at Mellow Johnny's

Last weekend's cyclocross races lucked out with great weather. A cool morning and damp grass handed us the first casualty during warm-ups at Veteran's Cross as a rider took an endo. A cracked helmet and bruised hip, he grabbed a spare lid and saddled up. That's 'cross!
This was one of many military flags displayed on the CX course by Race Director Roger Harrison.                      (Click photos to enlarge).

If you haven't been to Pedal Hard Training Center at Mellow Johnny's - GO! Kevin Livingston has created a peach of a facility where we positioned several cyclists on their road and triathlon bikes. Kevin got to see our PowerFiTTE technique, and I got to see his Pedal Hard technique. I was joined at Pedal Hard by Ralph Walker, CEO of John Howard Performance Sports, who took care of the business end of things as well as shooting the photos below. It was fun to do these bike positionings together and learn from each other, and the athletes felt pampered by getting so much attention.

Kevin Livingston observes as Gina evaluates a cyclist.
(Click photos to enlarge)


This cyclist has tight QL muscles so Gina implements Dynamic Motion Therapy (TM) to improve mobility.

Wednesday morning was Kevin's turn. Gina found a bit of muscle imbalance, so she got Kevin all straightened out with some table work and a BodyFiTTE session.

We're discussing more work together in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that. If you'd like to be contacted directly about PowerFiTTE in Austin, TX or wherever you live, give me a shout.


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