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A Toast to the Walking Cyclist

During this holiday season as you are tipping and toasting a few, I would ask that you remember the elderly gentleman (not that old) in the red cycling hat cleaning the shoulder of Metcalf between 199th and 209th on the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 27th.  No doubt many of us ride and enjoy this section of Metcalf with it's generous shoulder - a tribute to the St. Lukes' doctor that was killed on a ride many years ago - but who would think to keep it clean for the rest of us?  This gentleman was actually walking along the shoulder kicking the rocks, bolts, nails, glass, road kill, fan belts, mud flaps, etc. into the ditch so that I could cruise along in my 53/11 with a tail wind and actually feel like a pro.  He's the Pro.  I didn't even turn around to get his name!  I did yell thanks at 30 something.

So the next time that you're toasting the joys of cycling, remember this kind gentleman and those like him.  And maybe the next time that it's too cold… too windy… too hot… too anything, maybe you'll call your pace line and walk a stretch of your favorite bike lane or shoulder that isn't maintained by a city. 

Happy Holidays!

-Ron Johnson
       Secretary, KanBikeWalk, Inc.

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