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Sharing the Joy

With this post I want to introduce you to two cyclists who have added yet another dimension of joy to my cycling and running adventures.  Their writing has brought forward some "back burner thoughts," reminding me to take time to delve deeper into areas that sometimes get put on hold.  I discovered them in recent months and find myself looking forward to each new post. 

Marijo LaMarche is a Massage Therapist from Canada who enjoys snowshoeing with her dog, Quick.

Jeff Bean is a California cyclist who also shares interesting photos of his daily rides through beautiful SoCal.

Who do you read?  Drop me a line and share the joy!


US Bicycle Route System

Wow - the last couple of weeks have flown by fast!  I hit the ground running in the first few days of January with continued work on upcoming events.  Stay tuned!

Some important news for cyclists concerns the proposed US Bicycle Route System.  Click on the link to read more of what is happening in the midwest.  I always have a question when I read news like this:  What can I do to promote favorable progress?  Here are a few answers to that question, things we can all do to increase safety on our roadways:

  • Tell your friends.  Cyclists or not, spreading the word helps increase road safety for all users whether we are motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians.

  • Set a good example.  Follow traffic rules and use signals when driving or cycling.  Use proper crossings when traveling on foot, and use the left side of the roadway when you are not using a sidewalk.

  • Talk to your leaders.  Letting your Mayor, City Council, and County Commissioners know that roadway safety is important for all users.  Approximately 30% of adult Kansans do not own a car, so they rely on safe pedestrian and cycling routes to get to work, school, and shopping.  Bump it up a notch and talk with your State Senator or Representative.  Get to know them and let them know that safe cycling and pedestrian issues are important to you and your friends.  Ask them what they are doing to ensure safer roadways, and then ask how you can help them attain that goal.  They have a big job to do, so your help is important in getting their work accomplished.  Congress is a tough nut to crack, but it can be done.  A phone call is usually the best way to make initial contact with your Congressional office and get your message heard.  Keep it brief and to the point.  If your Congressional leader is not available, ask for the Aide who handles transportation and traffic safety.

  • For more information on bike/ped advocacy in the midwest, here are a few organizations with a wealth of information:

    KanBikeWalk, Inc.
    This statewide organization is The Voice for Kansas cyclists and pedestrians.

    Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation
    If you'd like to see first-hand how our Legislative system works, join them at their annual Advocacy Day at the state Capitol on February 16th.  Click the link for details.

    Kansas Cyclist

    Everything you wanted to know about Kansas cycling but were too busy cycling to ask!
    Every cyclist, runner, walker, motorist, and citizen is capable of doing something to ensure roadway safety.  Big or small, it all counts.  As a cyclist, runner, and President of KanBikeWalk, I am asking you to join us in the quest for safer roadways.


    Happy New Year!

    2009 ended on a great note in Kansas City as area cyclocrossers wound their way through an icy course and blazing high temp of 21F. I think I had as much fun officiating as they did racing. (Photo by Roger Harrison)

    Since we didn't have quite enough fun together there, some of us congregated post-race to ring in 2010 with some very tasty chili, drinks, and Guitar Hero.

    Interesting highlights of 12/31/09 were the blue moon which was a beautiful sight in the winter sky, and watching
    Travis Pastrana set a world record jumping his Subaru off a pier and landing on a barge. Congratulations, Travis! If you missed it, you can see it here at GrindTV.  I don't think I'll be trying this with the Life Balance Sports Subarooo anytime soon, or at least not until I can install rocket launchers...

    Happy 2010!