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Happy New Year!

2009 ended on a great note in Kansas City as area cyclocrossers wound their way through an icy course and blazing high temp of 21F. I think I had as much fun officiating as they did racing. (Photo by Roger Harrison)

Since we didn't have quite enough fun together there, some of us congregated post-race to ring in 2010 with some very tasty chili, drinks, and Guitar Hero.

Interesting highlights of 12/31/09 were the blue moon which was a beautiful sight in the winter sky, and watching
Travis Pastrana set a world record jumping his Subaru off a pier and landing on a barge. Congratulations, Travis! If you missed it, you can see it here at GrindTV.  I don't think I'll be trying this with the Life Balance Sports Subarooo anytime soon, or at least not until I can install rocket launchers...

Happy 2010!

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