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Bike/Ped Advocacy: Senate Resolution 1805

Today I testified before the Kansas Senate Transportation Committee on SR 1805, a resolution supporting Livable Streets policies. My testimony is below.  Being a resolution and not a bill, my written remarks were brief and I made additional comments during my verbal presentation.

I know at least half of the committee members from my time working as a Legislative Assistant, so they know me and my background. They kept me at the lectern for a while to answer questions and discuss several points, it was a positive exchange. There were four of us giving presentations, and in the end, we are now working on drafting legislation to take this resolution a step further to a proposed plan of action. SR 1805 was drafted to bring awareness to our state leadership, and before it even goes to the full Senate for acceptance, we are already working on a piece to change our laws for the better.  

I encourage all of you to be active in bringing positive change whether it be on the local, state, or national level.  Every action we take is an important one.

To view the Resolution, go to:   SR 1805 
January 31, 2012

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Senate Transportation Committee:
Thank you for the opportunity to present testimony in support of SR 1805. I am Gina Poertner, owner and physiologist at Life Balance Sports & Wellness. I am also co-founder and Past President of KanBikeWalk, Inc. and currently serve on its Board of Directors. Many of you on this committee know that cycling, running, and helping others to live an active, healthy lifestyle is my passion, and I will continue to work with you on bringing safe and viable solutions to my fellow Kansans.

Supporting Livable Streets, also known as Complete Streets, is a critical element in fostering activities that contribute to the good health of our citizens. It is also critical in connecting our communities and enhancing safety for all roadway users throughout our state. 

It is our responsibility as leaders to educate and enable our communities to implement roadway infrastructure that fosters active transportation. By maintaining our currently accessible “Complete Streets” areas and creating new ones as future road projects are planned, we provide:

  • Enhanced safety features for our young people who are not of age to drive. 
  • Greater accessibility and a higher degree of independence to people of all ages who do not drive motor vehicles due to physical or mental limitations. 
  • Additional options to all Kansans, able-bodied and disabled, who choose to travel actively in their communities and across the state for work, shopping, school, and recreation.
  • Increased economic benefit to areas conducive to various modes of travel. 
I ask that you support and encourage your fellow Kansans to live healthy and to be safe on our roadways whether we drive, bike, trike, scoot, skate, roll, run, or walk by giving your favorable recommendation for SR 1805.

Gina Poertner, CHES